Tryout Information

We would like to thank all those who attended the tryouts. We are always impressed with the exceptional talent we have in our area. Below are the young men who will be representing the Palatine Travelers teams for 2022-2023 season. Congratulations !!

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9U Palatine Travelers (Storm)

Luke Burns, Drew Conforti, Sebatian Gutierrez, Mikey Houser, Ty Knecht, Thomas Maggio, Sean Park, Carter Royal, Eight Tatsumi, Mickey Vrbancic, Mason Witt

9U Palatine Travelers

Oliver Adams, Casey Banich, Nathan Cipolla, Brett Hansen, Charlie House, Patrick Klein, Neil Kochhar, Luke Lawlor, Tommy Lennon, Dylan Meehan, Rohin Patel, Tommy Sammons

10U Palatine Travelers (Pound)

Ryan Burgraff, Ben Carroll, Connor McCloud, Thomas Czajkowskyj, Ryan Dean, Anthony Giordano, Cole Hendricks, Kellen Hendricks, Dominic Iacullo, Logan Schaffeld, Austin Sniegowski, Danny Vrbancic

10U Palatine Travelers

Alexander Bourgeois, Sam Burns, Luke Carden, Graham Como, Dylan Curtin, Stu Fellows, Luke Marchand, Myles Matijevic, Caleb Potter, Mason Royal, Vinny Saisi, Hiroto Ue

11U Palatine Travelers (Pumas)

Cole Banich, Luke Chism, Maxwell Wagner, Zachary Burrow, Henry Marrs, Ryan Voss, Vassilios Alexakis, Sammy Kelly, John Myers, Nate Royal, Logan Struck

11U Palatine Travelers (Bulldogs)

Matthew Czajkowskyj, PJ Garrett, Devan Halvadia, Will Karmazin, Danny Lennon, Gavin Matzat, Chase Royal,

Aaryan Shah, Kiaan Shah, Chase Skelnik, Max Stankiewicz

12U Palatine Travelers (Raptors)

Tony Aguado, Jacob Boszko, Jackson Carden, Brody Hinojosa, Max Kohler, Brandon Marx, Luke Petschenko, Niko Regopoulos, Drew Richenberger, Alex Rivas, Vignesh Vemula, Austin Williams

12U Palatine Travelers (Predators)

Erik Alaniz, Connor Curtin, Cooper Dietrich, Charlie Fay, Kolton Nelson, Chase Rappe, Kevin Reed, Christian Rekuc,

Brett Richenberger, Cam Schader, John Stevens

13U Palatine Travelers (Pack)

Gavin Alkass, Christos Andrianopoulos, Ryan Calabrese, Lucas Crandall, Michael Dorgan, Chase Klipowicz, Matthew McMahon, George Sallade, Zachary Schiltz, Brian Sydor, Timmy Van Gorp, Jack Voss

13U Palatine Travelers (Vipers)

Adam Boeke, Gabriel Caballero, Vinny Dilillo, Jackson Gallagher, Aiden Hart, Ethan Johnson, Luke Maher, Mason Minier, Anthony Nuccio, Colin Potter, Luke Schneider, Shea Wells

14U Palatine Travelers (Pythons)

Brady Buchanan, Rylan Galloway, Jake Giacomin, Owen Hong, Alex House, Joe Lapetina, Bennett McMeen, Drew Suthar, Logan Statz, Nathan Wagner, Ethan Yates

14U Palatine Travelers

Aiden Christian, Kieran, Flahive, Maddux Heilman, Alex Iliopoulos, Anthony Kurey, Devan Patel, Dylan Patel, Ben Riddle, Robby Seifert, Sheamus Sloan, Akshay Vemula

The Palatine Travelers hold open tryouts each July in front of unbiased and independent outside raters who assess the players in regards to fielding, throwing, and hitting. ALL participants must be pre-registered. There is no cost to tryout and players should come properly equipped with protection, a glove, bat, and water. A non-uniform (house or travel) shirt / jersey should be worn to the tryout.

Tryouts for the 2022-2023 Fall, Spring and Summer season were held at the Hamilton Gbur fields on July 20-21.

Wed, July 20th (everyone) and Thurs, July 21st (call-backs).

All tryouts are held at the Hamilton / Gbur Fields at 1037 Smith St. Palatine.

The cutoff for Player Registration was noon Wednesday, July 20th.

Full-time boy's travel teams begin indoor practices in January and run through March. Games are played April through July with 3-6 in/out of state tournaments mixed in depending on the coach and age group. The fees run between $1000 to $1500, which covers jerseys, tournament fees, insurance, umpires, and field rentals. Some teams elect to play informal games and/or practices in the fall as well once the teams have been established. Overall, teams will play between 30-60 games over the year.